Bristol American Legion Post 143’s baseball team will have a new home field in 2010 — Goshen High School’s Phend Field.

When Bristol manager Jim Treadway found himself looking for a place to play home dates, GHS head coach Hal Farmwald and athletic director Larry Kissinger agreed to let the team of 19-and-under players use their facility.

The team is scheduled to open its season Sunday against Kokomo, though Treadway said it is unlikely that will be the opponent since Kokomo probably won’t have enough players ready to play yet.

Post 143 is a young squad. For the first time since American Legion Baseball expanded its age limit to 19 four years ago, there will be no college players on the Bristol roster.

Gatlin Rassi (Northridge), Jordan Smith (Jimtown) and Taylor Short (Goshen) and Post 143 newcomers Jeremy Hill (Jimtown) and Erik Nickerson (Central) are graduating seniors.

Seniors-to-be include Logan Draus (Concord), Troy Pickard (Goshen) and Steven Reed (Concord). Newcomers include Class of 2011’s Cameron Nord (Northridge), Joe Dobson (Central) and Michael Lewallen (Goshen).

“Not only will they help us, but each will get significantly better facing the competition we’ll play,” said Treadway.
Several other talented players are heading into their junior or sophomore years, including returnees Seth Huxford (Concord) and Mitch Claxton (Concord). There's also T.J. Miller (Northridge), Ronnie Hawkins (Central) and Brandon Weinkauf (Jimtown), Travis Pickard (Goshen) and Taylor Miller (Concord).

There is considerable pitching depth with right-handers Rassi, Nord, Huxford, Dobson, Claxton, Hill, Troy Pickard, T.J. Miller, Taylor Miller, Weinkauf, Reid and Jeremy Jordan (Goshen 2009) and left-handers Short and Smith.

Bristol will have three catchers in Travis Pickard, Reed and Nickerson (and possible a fourth in Huxford).

Middle infielders include Draus, Hill, Huxford, Troy Pickard, Nord, T.J. Miller and Taylor Miller.
Solid cornermen include Speicher, Troy Pickard, Reed at third and Huxford and Short at first.

Led by Smith, many players can play the outfield.

The schedule again includes the strong Terre Haute and Anderson tournaments. There’s also a showcase and invitational at Coveleski Stadium, the Post 143 wooden bat tourney (to be played at Penn High School) with the sectional at Penn, regional at Crown Point and state tourney at Plymouth.

Mike Doherty returns to the coaching staff and will handle pitchers and coach third base. Pat Doherty will take the place of Chad O’Brien (who is taking the summer off to care for his infant) and will coach first base. Tom Hill will be the bench coach and lend his years of knowledge to the players.

“Tom's a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, a veteran which brings the Legion experience to the forefront and he has a real love for the game and molding young men,” said Treadway.

Several Legion games will be broadcast on the Internet at

Bristol Post 143 Baseball
Roster: rhp-of Mitch Claxton (Concord 2012), rhp Joe Dobson (Central 2011), if Logan Draus (Concord 2011), of Ronnie Hawkins (Central 2012), rhp-of Jeremy Hill (Jimtown 2010), rhp-if Seth Huxford (Concord 2012), rhp-3b Jeremy Jordan (Goshen 2009), rhp Michael Lewallen (Goshen 2011), rhp-if T.J. Miller (Northridge 2012), c Erik Nickerson (Central 2010), rhp-if Cameron Nord (Northridge 2011), c Travis Pickard (Goshen 2013), if-rhp Troy Pickard (Goshen 2011), if-rhp Gatlin Rassi (Northridge 2010), c-rhp-c Steven Reed (Concord 2011), lhp Danny Rydenbach (Niles Brandywine 2009), lhp-of Taylor Short (Goshen 2010), of-lhp Jordan Smith (Jimtown 2010), 3b Jake Speicher (Goshen 2012), rhp-if Taylor Miller (Concord 2013), rhp-if Brandon Weinkauf (Jimtown 2012).

Manager: Jim Treadway. Coaches: Mike Doherty, Tom Hill, Pat Doherty.

6 — Undecided. 8 — at Three Oaks Post 204 (River Valley H.S.), 6 p.m. 9 — at Plymouth Post 27 (Bill Nixon Field), 7 p.m. 10 — Crown Point Post 20 (Goshen H.S.) (2), 6 p.m. 12 — Mishawaka Post 161 (Goshen H.S.) (2), 3 p.m. 13 — Undecided (Goshen H.S.). 14 — at Mishawaka Cavemen (Baker Park), 7 p.m. 15 — Undecided (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 17 — Evansville Post 265 (Terre Haute Post 346 Invitational at T.H. North H.S.), 6 p.m. 18 — Madison Post 9, Terre Haute Post 346 (Terre Haute Post 346 Invitational at T.H. North H.S.), 3:30 and 8:30 p.m. 19 — Lafayette Post 11 (Terre Haute Post 346 Invitational at T.H. North H.S.), 4 p.m. 20 — Championship/Consolation (Terre Haute Post 346 Invitational at T.H. North H.S.). 21 — Mishawaka Cavemen (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 22 Plymouth Post 27 (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 23 — South Bend Post 50 (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 24 — Benton Harbor Post 105 (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 25 — Plymouth H.S. (The School of Hard Knocks Showcase Invitational at Coveleski Park), 6:30 p.m. 26 — Penn H.S. (The School of Hard Knocks Showcase Invitational at Coveleski Stadium), 10 a.m. 26 — South Bend Washington (The School of Hard Knocks Showcase Invitational at Coveleski Stadium), 8 p.m. 27 — at Penn H.S, 1 p.m. 28 — at South Bend Post 50 (Clay Park), 7 p.m. 29 — Undecided (Goshen H.S).

1 — Mishawaka Post 161, Muncie Post 19 (Anderson Post 127 Invitational), 5:30 and 8 p.m. 2 — Jay-Randolph Post 507 (Anderson Post 127 Invitational), 10 a.m. 3 — St. South Bend Post 50, St. Leon Post 464 (Anderson Post 127 Invitational), 3 and 5:30 p.m. 4 — Father-Son Game (Goshen H.S.). 6 — at Valparaiso Post 94 (Washington Twp. H.S.), 6:30 p.m. 9-11 — Wooden Bat Classic (Penn H.S.). 13 — Undecided (Goshen H.S.), 6 p.m. 14 — at Benton Harbor Post 105 (Benton Harbor H.S.), 6 p.m. 15-18 — Sectional at Penn H.S. 23-25 — Regional at Crown Point. 30-Aug. 1 — State Tournament at Plymouth (Bill Nixon Field).